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April 2021

A group of engineering students at McMaster University partner with MNI to conduct a feasibility study for an Ecolene™ production plant.

September 2019

Next Methanol Inc. reveals its staged plan to design and construct a commercial scale operation to produce ECOLENE™.

STAGE 1 involves developing a prototype process plant capable of producing a limited volume of ECOLENE™ per day. The ECOLENE™ generated will fuel a small fleet demonstrating the viability of bio fuel technology powered by ECOLENE™.  


STAGE 2 involves the design and construction of a commercial operation generating 10,000 US gallons of ECOLENE™ per day.  


All work is anticipated to take place in Stratford, Ontario, a city well known to support research, innovation and the development of new technologies.   






June 2019

Next Methanol Inc. is delighted to receive the ongoing support of these visionary corporations:

The City of Stratford

Festival City Hydro - Stratford, Ontario

Arcadian Projects - Baden, Ontario

November  2017

In November 2017, Dan Festoso, President of Next Methanol, was named Vice President of Ultra Clean Ecolene Inc. (UCEI). 


Dan will be representing UCEI as a presenter at the 2018 Value of Biogas West Conference in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


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