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ECOLENE™ is the Immediate Green Solution Transitioning the Transportation Industry 

Away from Fossil Fuels

ECOLENE™ is carbon-neutral – does not contribute to global warming

ECOLENE™ is produced using readily available and renewable biomass sources such as municipal sewage and compostable materials that otherwise go to landfill

Only fossil free electricity is used to manufacture ECOLENE™

  • the process uses solar, wind, and other sustainable sources of energy

  • tapping into otherwise idled capacity during periods of low demand is an ideal way to optimize the use of generation infrastructure

ECOLENE™ is a high hydrogen content fuel, making it a perfect source of hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles fitted with reformers

  • eliminates the safety concerns of hydrogen storage in vehicles

  • reduces the urgency to develop all-new hydrogen dispensing infrastructure to support the hydrogen transportation industry since existing filling stations and means of distribution will suffice


An additional step in the process easily converts ECOLENE™ to dimethyl ether (DME) – an excellent diesel fuel replacement without the negative environmental impact normally associated with diesel 

Aside from being an alternative transportation fuel, ECOLENE™ may be used

  • as fuel to produce electricity in standalone generator

  • as a feedstock for chemicals, plastics, synthetics, paints, pharmaceuticals and other products

ECOLENE™ production is readily scalable – a proven process employing existing and well-tested technologies

  • anaerobic digestion of biomass to produce biogas

  • electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen

  • partial oxidation

  • synthesis

ECOLENE™, as a liquid storage medium for hydrogen, can be safely transported in large volumes for the hydrogen industry



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